Peace forum

24 Mar 2017

Peace forum


At the invitation of Hervé Morin, President of Normandy, Sir Philip Bailhache and Jonathan LeTocq attended the first prefiguration forum dedicated to Peace. The objective was to gather as many ideas as possible to be able to organize a true Peace Forum in 2018.

With the D-Day Landing Beaches and the Caen Memorial, Normandy is home to iconic locations that regularly host Heads of State and of Government from around the world to commemorate the liberation of Europe and the return to peace.

While Normandy is working to promote peace through its decentralised cooperation efforts, it can also act as the key region for discussing the peace situation around the world in the same way that Davos is the site of debates on economic issues.

It has therefore been suggested that a World Peace Forum should be held every year in Caen in parallel with the D-Day Landing commemorations.

The Channel islands Ministers were pleased to provide Normandy with the support of Guernsey and Jersey to this initiative for Peace.


Guernsey's Bailiff and other island officials