4 Oct 2019

Annual summit with La Manche and Normandy


Guernsey and Jersey have attended the annual political summit with the region of Normandy and the department of La Manche to re-sign a cooperation agreement that promotes greater partnership working between the four jurisdictions.

A cooperation agreement was first signed between Jersey, Guernsey La Manche and the region of Lower Normandy in January 2015, and this was renewed in September 2016 following the unification of the regions of Upper and Lower Normandy. Alderney and Sark are associate members of the agreement. As part of the cooperation the six jurisdictions have met annually to explore opportunities for mutually beneficial cooperation. This year, the department of La Manche hosted the summit in Cherbourg.

Deputy Jonathan Le Tocq, member of the Policy & Resources Committee with responsibility for External Relations, Senator Ian Gorst, Minister for External Relations in Jersey, Hervé Morin, President of the Region of Normandy and Marc Lefèvre, President of the Conseil Départemental of La Manche, jointly chaired the summit where various subjects were discussed. These included Brexit and its implications for the Channel Islands, including fishing and contingency planning for a no-deal exit. Areas of regional cooperation were also discussed, such as educational links; cultural initiatives; and economic opportunities. James Dent, Chairman of the Policy & Finance Committee and Vice-President of the States of Alderney, also attended the meeting.


Member of the Policy & Resources Committee with responsibility for External Relations Deputy Jonathan Le Tocq said:

“It was a pleasure for me to attend the annual summit of the governments of the Bailiwick of Guernsey and Jersey and the authorities of Normandy and La Manche and renew the cooperation agreement for the next three years at this time of significant for us all.

As we work towards the UK’s withdrawal from the EU we are seeking stability and to minimise disruption caused by the UK exit.  This includes seeking agreement to manage how fisheries matters will be affected. It is our desire to be able to settle these issues directly to protect our interests, ensure we conserve our marine environment and balance our interests in cross border trade.

I look forward to continuing these discussions as we look to strengthen our relationship with Normandy and France, for our mutual benefit and where our interests are aligned.”


Senator Ian Gorst, Minister for External Relations in Jersey, said:

“This Summit with the leaders of Normandy and La Manche gave us the opportunity to strengthen the long-standing relationship Jersey has with our nearest neighbours.  We reviewed progress our cooperation over higher education, student exchanges, culture, environment – including marine renewable energy, tourism and other areas of our economies.

“The renewal of the cooperation agreement further emphasises the Channel Islands’ and Normandy’s commitment to working closely and productively together. The political leaders all affirmed that such co-operation is particularly important at the time of the UK’s exit from the EU. I agreed with my Norman colleagues that the cooperation between Jersey and France under the Bay of Granville Agreement was an example of mutual benefits that can derive from working together. We agreed to continue discussions about this.

I welcome the Normandy regional authority’s commitment to smooth market access for Jersey fishermen, and am happy to say we have agreed to support a project which will facilitate landings in Granville.”


5 Aug 2019

Piper Operation Cobra


On 4th August, a delegation from Jersey and Guernsey travelled to Granville to witness the largest display of Piper L4 and Cubs aircrafts in Europe since the Second World War. This event took place to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Liberation of Europe, with Granville and Jullouville being liberated on 31st July 1944.

The delegation comprising Guernsey’s President of Policy & Resources, Gavin St Pier, Jersey’s Assistant Chief Minister, Connétable Christopher Taylor, and Deputy of St Martin Steve Luce, attended a gathering with the President of La Manche, Marc Lefèvre, the Mayor of Jullouville, Alain Brière, and the President of Piper Operation Cobra, Philippe Renaudet. This was followed by an air display and exhibition of around 350 vehicles at Jullouville beach.

Granville and Jullouville were selected as locations for this event as the former was home to the main headquarters of the French Forces and the latter was where General Dwight D. Eisenhower (who launched the D-Day operations in June 1944) based his Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force (SHAEF) in the Castle De La Mare. There, Eisenhower oversaw as many as 30,000 soldiers involved in the Battle of Normandy and the Battle of France and the airbase was dedicated to the Pipers L4-H.

The delegation was honoured to have taken part in the commemorations remembering the sacrifice of all who fought in the Second World War and those who contributed to the Liberation of Europe in 1944.


profile pic

15 Jul 2019

Le French Festival 2019


The 9th – 15th July saw Jersey and Guernsey celebrate all things French as Le French Festival took place in the islands. Following on from the highly successful first edition which was held in Jersey in 2017, Guernsey also enjoyed participating in the events for the first time this year.

In Jersey, events included a fantastic performance from Breton juggling duo Les Invendus, an international symposium on Wace, a Norman 12th century poet born in Jersey, and a traditional Norman market amongst many other festivities.

Guernsey events included an array of creative workshops and exhibitions, and there was a strong focus on French artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s time in the island with the exhibition of a Renoir original painting, followed by a Renoir art walk.

Both islands hosted around 600 sailors competing the 35th edition of the Tour des Ports de la Manche, the regatta bringing a colourful display of flags and bunting to the harbours. Thanks to a longstanding relationship with Rennes Opera, Jersey and Guernsey were also lucky enough to broadcast a performance of Wagner’s opera, ‘The Flying Dutchman’, which was initially shown in 22 locations throughout Brittany on 13th June as part of the “Opera on Screens” initiative.

Le French Festival 2019 was a great success and demonstrates the links between the islands and the French culture as a whole.  Thanks to the organising committee and all partners, and “rendez vous” for the next edition in 2021!

pic carré

5 Jul 2019

UniCaen Open Day


On 5th July 2019, two teachers from the Guernsey Grammar School Sixth Form Centre attended the open day at the University of Caen, following the agreement which was signed by Deputy Jonathan Le Tocq in March supporting the admission of Guernsey students to the Norman university to embark on their higher education.

Newly appointed Head of Careers, Miss Charlee Hales, and coordinator of the school’s annual trip to Caen, Mr Guilhem Chene, attended a meeting with representatives of the university’s language department to catch up on the various training offers to students to improve their level of French, and to implement plans to attract Channel Islands’ students to study in Caen. They also attended a forum which introduced them to the additional services that UniCaen has to offer.

Overall, the day was very positive, and it is hoped that more Guernsey students will take steps to study in Normandy in the years to come.

d day international ceremony

6 Jun 2019

75th Anniversary of the D-Day Landings


On 6th June 2019, many official and non-official events took place throughout Normandy to mark the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings. A delegation from Jersey and Guernsey travelled to Normandy to take part in this day of remembrance.

The delegation comprised of Jersey and Guernsey’s Chief Ministers, respectively Senator John Le Fondré and Deputy Gavin St Pier, as well as Ministers for External Relations, Senator Ian Gorst, and Deputy Jonathan Le Tocq, alongside the Bailiff of Guernsey, Sir Richard Collas.

In the morning, the delegation attended the British Ecumenical Ceremony at Bayeux Cathedral in the presence of the French Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe, PM Theresa May, and His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales. A group of D-Day veterans from the Royal British Legion were also present at this ceremony. The attendees then moved to the British Military Ceremony to pay homage to those who fell 75 years ago.

Later in the day, the Channel Islands delegation attended the International Ceremony at Juno Beach in Courseulles-sur-Mer. This was the first time that a ceremony of this kind had been held in the Canadian sector. It took place in the presence of Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, and Edouard Philippe.

The Channel Islands delegation were honoured to have taken part in these major commemorations of events that happened very close to the Islands shores. The day offered a chance to reflect on the horrors of 6th June 1944 and to be thankful for those who sacrificed their lives for the liberty of others.


5 Jun 2019

2019 Normandy World Peace Forum


The 4th and 5th June 2019 saw the second annual Normandy World Peace Forum held at the Abbaye Aux Dames in Caen, which was attended by Guernsey’s Deputy Jonathan Le Tocq and Vice President of the States of Alderney, James Dent. This was the third event of this kind at which the Channel Islands were represented as they also attended the preparatory event in 2017.

This year, the forum was on the theme of ‘peacemakers’ and included various conferences and thematic debates on this subject, with a strong emphasis on youth, as well as hosting a Village for Peace. The Channel Island representatives attended debates on combatting the silent weapon of communication technology, and about how the EU could create peace in other continents.

Several recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize gave talks at the forum, including Mohammed El-Baradei (2005 winner), Denis Mulwege (2018 winner), and Jody Williams (1997 winner). The event is particularly symbolic as it was held during the two days before the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy.

The islands are extremely supportive of this initiative and look forward to future events.


16 May 2019

Annual summit with Ille et Vilaine in Jersey


On 16th May 2019 Jersey hosted the third annual political summit with the Government of Guernsey and the departmental council of Ille et Vilaine, to discuss progress on areas of joint working that form part of the cooperation agreement signed by the three jurisdictions in 2017. A Brexit update was also provided to our French counterparts.

The departmental council of Ille et Vilaine was represented at the summit by its President, Jean Luc Chenut. Jersey was represented by the Minister for External Relations Senator Ian Gorst and Guernsey was represented by Deputy Jonathan Le Tocq, member of the Policy & Resources Committee with responsibility for external relations.

For the first time, the Préfète of Brittany Michèle Kirry, also attended as an observer and covered items under her remit (emergency planning as well as customs and immigration) on behalf of the French State.

The meeting was also an opportunity to provide an update on Brexit to our French visitors.

The content of discussions proved to be extremely valuable and the event was considered as one of the best one, with a great number of achievements. Next summit will be held in Ille et Vilaine in 2020.


JLT signing UniCaen agreement 19 03 2019 in Guernsey

19 Mar 2019

Guernsey signs agreement with University of Caen


Deputy Jonathan Le Tocq has signed an agreement to support the admission of Guernsey students wishing to undertake further education at the University of Caen in Normandy. The agreement aims to facilitate the integration of Guernsey students in the University and to support students wishing to pursue studies abroad.

Deputy Jonathan Le Tocq, member of the Policy & Resources Committee with responsibility for External Relations, signed the agreement on behalf of the Committee for Education, Sport & Culture.  The agreement was also signed by Mr Pierre Denise, President of the University of Caen Normandie, Ms. Virginie Catherine, Director of the Regional Centre for University and School Projects, and Mr Jean-Marc Julienne, President of the Joint Association of Normandy and La Manche.

This agreement outlines a number of ways in which support will be provided to Guernsey students who wish to pursue further studies at the University of Caen in order to develop their language skills and benefit from a wide range of courses at a European university. This includes support that will be provided for students undertaking foundation language courses as well as those pursuing Bachelor’s courses.

Improving educational links between the Channel Islands and France also forms a key part of the cooperation agreement that was originally signed between Guernsey, Jersey, the region of Normandy and the department of La Manche in 2015.



24 Feb 2019

Jersey at the Paris agricultural show


Jersey is once again represented at a major agricultural show in Paris (23 Feb- 3 March).

The Economic Development Minister, Senator Lyndon Farnham, led a delegation to the Salon International de l’Agriculture (SIA) on Sunday, 24 February. The agricultural show is one of the biggest French agriculture events of the year and provides an opportunity to showcase Jersey’s local produce, to promote the island as a tourist destination, and to strengthen links between Jersey and France.

This is the seventh year that Jersey has exhibited at the show, which attracts more than 600,000 visitors annually.

The department of La Manche is again hosting Jersey on their stand at the event, giving the island a platform to promote local produce and to showcase Jersey as a holiday destination. Visitors to the Jersey area of the Normandy stand are able to see different varieties of daffodils grown in Jersey, and will sample a taste of Genuine Jersey products – including black butter, cider, salted caramel, pork pies, and new locally-produced Biltong. The stand also offers festival-goers the chance to win a trip to the island.

La Manche has welcomed Jersey to share their stand since 2014, and Senator Farnham met President of La Manche, Marc Lefèvre, to renew this partnership for another three year.

Senator Farnham added: “This is a significant yearly opportunity for us to promote Jersey’s products, particularly Jersey Lobster, Jersey Oyster, Jersey Royals and Jersey Dairy: four of our most important agricultural exports. It’s fantastic to have this annual chance to demonstrate our close links with Normandy, and I am delighted to be able to renew this partnership for three more years.”

visuel 3

24 Jan 2019

Jersey Education delegation in Normandy


Invited by the Rector of the Normandy academy, a delegation of Jersey civil servants from the Children, Young People, Education and Skills Department, and teachers of primary and secondary schools attended the Normand-e days event in Deauville. The event, including conferences dedicated to teaching professionals aimed at showing all the possibilities and digital tools available to teach in a modern way.

The visit of the salon was found instructive, contacts were made, and a meeting was held with the Rectorat senior officer in charge of the cooperation with the Channel Islands, to catch up on the existing partnership and discuss how to further develop educational links.



C. Durepaire P. Gosselin JLT IG S. Travert A. Tourret G. Lurton 2

23 Jan 2019

Channel Islands Ministers make visit to Paris


Representatives from Guernsey and Jersey made an official visit to Paris this week for a series of political meetings with key ministries of the French national government, as well as members of the French National Assembly and the Senate. The Channel Islands delegation was led by Member of the Policy & Resources Committee (States of Guernsey) with responsibility for External Relations, Deputy Jonathan Le Tocq, and the Minister for External Relations (Government of Jersey), Senator Ian Gorst.

The delegation held productive meetings at the Ministry for Economy and Finance, and at the Foreign Affairs Ministry, including with Minister for European Affairs, Nathalie Loiseau. They were welcomed to Paris by Philippe Gosselin, President of the French National Assembly’s Study Group on the Channel Islands, and other members of the parliamentary group from across the Assembly. Meetings also took place with French Senators including the Chair of the European Affairs Commission, Jean Bizet, former Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries, Stéphane Travert, and Chair of the Law Commission and former President of the departmental council of La Manche, Philippe Bas.

The meetings provided an opportunity to increase awareness amongst key stakeholders in Paris of the Channel Islands’ position and priorities in relation to the UK’s upcoming departure from the European Union. Discussions covered topics including maritime matters and territorial seas, the important regional links that exist with Normandy and Brittany, and efforts to enhance relations with the central administration in Paris. Ministers highlighted the Channel Islands’ desire to maintain positive relationships with France and its other European partners, and to continue our close co-operation in a wide range of areas.

Guernsey and Jersey have cooperation agreements in place with Normandy-La Manche and the department of Ille et Vilaine in Brittany to promote greater partnership working between the jurisdictions. These regional agreements support the development of relations with the national administration in Paris, and are important in demonstrating the strength of the Channel Islands’ close historic ties with France.



24 Oct 2018

JERSEY SANDBOX: testbed in digital for French start-ups



To support start-ups in Brittany and Normandy, as well as business creation projects in their challenges, Digital Jersey, expert in FinTech, Health Tech and IoT, organized, in collaboration with Rennes -St Malo French Tech and Normandy Welcome, two mornings of information and exchanges, on 25 and 26 October 2018, respectively in Rennes and Caen.

Digital Jersey has presented the benefits of the island to welcome entrepreneurs or project leaders wishing to test their innovation in a pilot area of ​​appropriate size that has all the necessary technological infrastructure (including the best fibre optic connection in the world), in several predefined sectors which are FinTech, IoT and E-health.

This same presentation will soon be made to the digital players in London, but given the relationship woven with neighbouring French regions through well-established cooperations, French neighbours are not forgotten and have even had exclusivity! Because this experiment could represent an excellent springboard for the Brittany and Norman companies wishing then to conquer the Anglosaxon market.

“French companies wishing to export their product or service to the English market now have an ideal way to access a test-bed before going international. We have already attracted the interest of several companies in France who see the advantage of using their Jersey neighbour in this way, “said Tony Moretta, CEO of Digital Jersey.



5 Oct 2018

Summit with Normandy and La Manche


On Friday 5th October Guernsey hosted the annual political summit with Jersey, Normandy and La Manche, to discuss progress on areas of joint working that form part of the cooperation agreement signed by the jurisdictions in 2015. Alderney and Sark are associate members of the agreement.

The summit was hosted by Deputy Jonathan Le Tocq, member of the Policy & Resources Committee with responsibility for external relations, and will be attended by Senator John Le Fondré, Chief Minister of Jersey, Senator Ian Gorst, Jersey Minister for External Relations, Hervé Morin, President of the Region of Normandy and Marc Lefèvre, President of the Conseil Départemental of La Manche.

The programme for the day consisted of a political meeting to discuss the areas of cooperation that are being worked on, as well as a signing of an agreement between Guernsey Museums, Jersey Heritage and Normandy network of Museums (Fabrique du Patrimoine) to work together.

The day ended with a visit to the exhibition of Norman photographer Olivier Meriel. His portraits of Anglo-Norman figures form a traveling exhibition, which will continue in Jersey in 2019, and the Musée de Normandie in Caen 2020 to integrate Normandy Impressionism’s programming.



3 Sep 2018

Jersey official visit in the Somme


On 3rd September, a delegation led by the Bailiff of Jersey, alongside the Lieutenant-Governor, the Chief Minister and officials visited Guillemont and Soyécourt in the Somme county, North of France

 to commemorate 102th anniversary of the Battle of Guillemont, ahead of the 100th anniversary of the end of WWI on 11th November 2018. This event was an important ceremony to highlight Jersey’s history and links with France.

The delegation from Jersey paid tribute to the “Jersey Contingent” or so called the “D company” in Guillemont where the island of Jersey has its very own statue remembering the contribution of Jersey men in this terrible battle. The “human shape” statue is made of granite from Jersey and was first officially unveiled on 3rd September 2016. The “heart” of the statue was officially brought back to the island today and will then be presented to the people of Jersey by the Bailiff on 11th November in Royal Square over a public ceremony.

The ceremony in Guillemont was organised by the Mayor, Monsieur Didier Samain and was combined with another ceremony led by the Irish Ambassador in France, Her Excellency Patricia O’Brien, paying tribute to the 7th Battalion of the Royal Irish Rifles (with responsibility for the “D Company” of Jerseymen) which fought in Guillemont.

The second part of the visit took place in Soyécourt, which the island of Jersey contributed to rebuild post WWI. The Jersey delegation was greeted by the Mayor Mr Luc Maille who shared various interesting historical facts, unknown to Jersey, which led Jersey’s historian Ian Ronayne to start new researches on Jersey’s further contributions after the war.

Press articles are available in the JEP and in the Courrier Picard.



3 Jul 2018

Summit with Ille-et Vilaine


Guernsey has hosted the second annual summit with Jersey and the department of Ille et Vilaine, following the signing of a cooperation agreement in June 2017 to promote greater partnership working between the three jurisdictions.

Jersey first signed a cooperation agreement with the French department in 2008, which was renewed in 2014, and the two jurisdictions have met annually to explore opportunities for mutually beneficial cooperation. Last year, Guernsey joined the partnership for the first time.

Deputy Jonathan Le Tocq, member of the Policy & Resources Committee with responsibility for External Relations, Senator John Le Fondré, Chief Minister of Jersey, and Jean-Luc Chenut, President of the Conseil Départemental of Ille-et-Vilaine, jointly chaired the summit where various subjects were discussed. These included educational links; youth mobility; sports exchanges; cultural initiatives; and economic opportunities. Guernsey also signed a framework agreement with the departmental council of Ille et Vilaine to collaborate on overseas aid projects under the mandate of the Overseas Aid & Development Commission.

Visit Jersey ports 27 June 2018

27 Jun 2018

Ports and Tourism officials from Brittany in the Channel Islands


A small delegation from the Regional council of Brittany visited Guernsey and Jersey on 26-27 June to meet their counterparts, and it was the first time such meetings at operational level were organised.

Discussions included opportunities of cooperation on the promotion of marinas, economies of scales in arranging port equipment to work consecutively in St Malo and in Jersey- Guernsey, and possible tourism opportunities. The Breton delegation also advised on plans for change at the St Malo harbour.

This first visit was considered very fruitful. It has enabled to establish a first contact and discuss concrete projects that could be beneficial on both sides of the water.


JLT Hubert Vedrine Marc Lefèvre

7 Jun 2018

Peace Forum in Normandy


The first Peace Forum, called Normandy for Peace, imagined by President Morin was held in Caen on 7-8 June and attended by Deputy Le Tocq, member of the Policy & Resources committee in Guernsey, on behalf of the Channels Islands.

For two days, more than 5,000 people (including a large representation of young people) joined the Abbaye-aux-Dames, headquarter of the Regional Council of Normandy, to attend debates of “very high quality and very high level led by international experts – like Ban Ki Moon, former Secretary General of the UN or the former foreign minister, Hubert Védrine”. It is indeed more than 130 speakers who came from Europe, America, Africa or Australia. 35 countries were represented at the event.

The topics were varied and topical, the situation in Syria, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Libya, Afghanistan, the Balkans and thematic workshops on nuclear deterrence, war journalism, child soldiers or terrorism, etc.

President Morin, for whom “Normandy has the historic legitimacy of talking about the construction of peace” wishes to perpetuate this event, which will take place each year after the commemorations of the D-Day of 6 June 1944 and the Battle of Normandy, with the ambition to contribute to “the establishment of models of anticipation of crises with the leaders of this world”.


Visit ST Malo Harbourmaster 7 June in Jersey

7 Jun 2018

First visit of St Malo Harbour Master to Jersey


For the first time, Bruno Lassus, harbor Master of St Malo came to Jersey to meet his counterpart William Sadler. Mr Lassus was accompanied by Xavier Haurez Managing Director of Morvan Fils and Frederick Wakefield Director General of Condor ferries St Malo.

It was a cordial and constructive visit. The delegation were able to get out on the water in the Duke of Normandy vessel and discover Jersey’s Multi Beam echo sounder, discuss training, operation room layouts and the various capital infrastructure projects both Harbours have in the pipeline.

And of course, a lot was shared on common experiences and challenges.


Route du Rhum presentation Mr Hobl

24 May 2018

Emergency planning and population security working groups in St Malo


A delegation from the Channel Islands comprising Emergency planning officers, police intelligence, harbor authorities and Customs and Immigrations officials came to St Malo to meet their Breton counter parts. The objective of the day was to initiate contact and better understand how things work respectively and identify each other’s counterpart to contact when needs be.

The preparation and safety measures around the Route du Rhum have also been discussed.

This first meeting has kindly been arranged by the Sous Préfet of Saint Malo, François Claude Plaisant, representative of the French State in the corsair city, and will be followed by regular exchanges.


guernesey 4

14 May 2018

Le Cercle littéraire de Guernesey- Première in France


London, 1946. Juliet Ashton, a young writer in need of inspiration, receives a letter from a mysterious member of the Guernsey Literature Club created during the occupation. Curious to learn more, Juliet decides to go to the beautiful Channel Island and then meets the eccentric members of the literary Circle of lovers of potato peels including Dawsey, the charming and intriguing farmer at the origin of the letter. Their confidences, his attachment to the island and its people or his affection for Dawsey will forever change the course of her life.

On screens in France on 13 June

24 Apr 2018

Meeting with French Ambassador


Senator Philip Bailhache and Deputy Jonathan Le Tocq, respectively External Relations Ministers in Jersey and Guernsey have met the newly appointed French Ambassador, HE Jean Pierre Jouyet on 24 April.

An important step to maintain good relationships with France, the closest neighbouring country.


CROSS Jobourg

19 Apr 2018

Emergency planning officers visiting La Manche sites


A small contingency from Jersey and Guernsey visited Cherbourg and the surrounding areas as guests of the French Authorities. This follows the visit of the French counterpart in the Channel Islands in June 2017.

 Emergency planning exchanges with France are a key element in helping to protect the welfare of the Channel Islands.

The trip represented an opportunity to visit a number of the local emergency services with the intention of improving the current collaborative workings, and develop better exchanges with our French counterparts to prepare for any future incidents that could potentially impact the Channel Islands.

 It was also an opportunity for Emergency Planning Officers from both Islands to sign their existing Memoranda Of Understanding (MOU’s) with Chief of Staff of the Prefet of La Manche, and to improve and update local contingency plans.

Jersey Edu dept signing MOU with UniCaen

22 Mar 2018

Formalised partnership between Caen University and Jersey Education Department



After a comprehensive visit in Feb 2017 to meet pupils in secondary schools of the island, the University of Caen Normandy came back to Jersey for the Higher Education Fair.

The aim is to encourage Jersey students to consider taking their degree in Caen, especially as they would benefit from the support of the Carré International team and Education Department. The positive links were strengthened last summer through a visit to the campus by a number of Jersey teachers and participation in a French summer course by an officer from the Jersey Education Department.

On 22 March, the connection has been formalised through the signing of a cooperation arrangement that notably gives a number of Jersey students easier access to accommodation.

Attending university in France is a realistic, viable alternative for Jersey students. Not only does it offer a more affordable higher education option, but it also provides an opportunity to become proficient in a second language, with great potential to enrich a student’s university experience. – Chief Education Officer Justin Donovan

To note that the University of Caen Normandy hosts nearly 3000 foreign students each year, representing nearly 120 nationalities.



24 Feb 2018

Jersey at the Paris Agricultural fair


Senator Lyndon Farnham, Minister for Economic Development, Tourism, Sport & Culture visited the International Agriculture fair in Paris. An opportunity to meet numerous dignitaries, including Mrs Fabienne BUCCIO, the Préfète of Normandy ; Mr Hervé MORIN, Président of the Region of Normandy, or Mr Marc LEFEVRE, President of La Manche, to promote the good products of Jersey.

Let’s recall that Jersey is working closely with it’s longstanding partner of La Manche and is having a stand within the La Manche area. A concrete outcome of the established cooperation, to mutually promote our territories and produces.


Marc Lefevre

23 Feb 2018

First official visit of President of La Manche in Guernesey and Jersey


The President of Departmental Council of La Manche, Mr Marc Lefèvre, visited the Channel Islands, where he met with Ministers to discuss matters of mutual interest; including Brexit and the trading, educational and cultural links between the Channel Islands and the region of La Manche.

The strong relationship between the Channel Islands and La Manche has developed exponentially over the past two decades, with a formal partnership agreement between Jersey, Guernsey and the Normandy region renewed in September 2016.

Mr Lefèvre, who is a vet by profession, was the Mayor of Saint-Mère-Eglise for over 30 years, alongside diverse roles within the departmental government of La Manche. He has hosted the visit of many political figures from the Channel Islands and Bailiffs across the years, including during milestone anniversaries of D-Day in his capacity as Mayor.

Whilst in Guernsey, the French delegation met Guernsey’s Lieutenant Governor, Vice-Admiral Sir Ian Corder, and the Bailiff of Guernsey, Sir Richard Collas, who formally welcomed Mr Lefèvre on his first official visit to the Island.

Mr Lefèvre also met with Deputy Jonathan Le Tocq, member of the Policy & Resources Committee with responsibility for External Relations, and other senior politicians to discuss the current areas of cooperation with the Department of La Manche, which include areas such as tourism, cultural initiatives, educational links and digital opportunities.

Mr Lefèvre then travelled to Jersey where he was hosted at a welcome dinner by the Bailiff of Jersey, Sir William Bailhache.

During their stay in Jersey the French delegation met with the Minister for External Relations, Senator Sir Philip Bailhache; the Minister for Economic Development, Tourism, Sport & Culture, Senator Lyndon Farnham; the Minister for Planning & Environment, Deputy Steve Luce; and Education Minister, Deputy Anne Pryke. The Ministers discussed diverse matters of cooperation with Mr Lefèvre including the development of cultural projects between Jersey and La Manche, and the ongoing success of existing educational programs.

Mr Lefèvre also met formally with the Lieutenant Governor, Sir Stephen Dalton, and attended a lunch hosted by the Chief Minister of Jersey, Senator Ian Gorst.


image stage

13 Feb 2018

Work placement opportunity at BIAN


Presentation of the structure

The Bureau des Iles Anglo Normandes (BIAN) represents the Governments of Guernsey and Jersey in France and is based in Caen.

It has been operational since June 2014 and operates under the authority of Guernsey’s Policy and Resources Committee and Jersey’s Ministry for External Relations. It is responsible for ensuring the continuity of relations between the Islands and the French authorities, as well as promoting political, cultural and educational exchanges at a regional scale.

Description of the work placement

BIAN is looking for a competent trainee to perform various administrative tasks to support the small BIAN team while being immersed within it. The post holder will undertake a variety of activities in the office but the main focus will be to prepare documents following the forthcoming general elections in Jersey, and ahead of various major political events.

Proficiency in French and English is essential, and the person will be reliable and hardworking with great communication skills. Knowledge of the Channel Islands will be considered as a bonus. The duration of the placement is set to 6 weeks, from 23 April and can be extended if the assignments cannot be completed in time. The location will be in the BIAN office in Caen. The successful trainee will benefit 15% of the French social security threshold.


  • Draft biographies of newly elected politicians of Jersey
  • Research on relevant committees at the Assemblée Nationale
  • Undertake an opinion survey in Normandy and Brittany, comprising the drafting of questions, up to the statistics
  • Research and briefing work to assist in various educational and cultural projects
  • Perform other ad hoc office duties as assigned
  • Required to maintain an appropriate standard of confidentiality


  • Excellent organizational and multi-tasking abilities
  • Fluency or very good level of oral and written French and English
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Very good knowledge of MS Office
  • Will be subject to confidentiality restrictions/rules
  • High school diploma in language or politics

Applications should be sent to the following address:

group photo

19 Oct 2017

Préfet of Brittany makes first visit to the Channel Islands


The Préfet of Brittany, Mr Christophe Mirmand, visited Jersey on Thursday 19 October, to meet representatives from the Governments of Guernsey and Jersey, as part of the growing relationship between the Islands and the Brittany region. This is the first time that a Préfet of Brittany has visited the Channel Islands.

As Préfet, Mr Mirmand represents the French Prime Minister and Government in the region. His main responsibilities are representing the state at local government level, security – including the coordination of the police and gendarmerie forces, and safety – especially coordination in the event of a natural disaster and subsequent relief operations.

Mr Mirmand met with delegations from both Islands, including the Chief Minister of Jersey, Senator Ian Gorst; Senator Sir Philip Bailhache, the Jersey Minister for External Relations; Deputy Jonathan Le Tocq, Policy & Resources Committee Member with responsibility for External Relations in Guernsey; Deputy Kristina Moore, Jersey Home Affairs Minister and Deputy Mary Lowe, President of the Committee for Home Affairs in Guernsey.

During his visit, Mr Mirmand discussed ongoing engagement between the Channel Islands and France, both at a national and regional level, and was briefed on matters including emergency planning and maritime rescue, as well as the Islands’ strong energy and fishing links with the Brittany region. Mr Mirmand was also updated on both Islands’ objectives and preparations for Brexit.

The Préfet’s visit concluded with a meeting with Home Affairs Ministers of Guernsey and Jersey, on the cooperation between the Channel Islands and Brittany in matters of policing and customs.

Sylvaine Carta le Vert in Guernsey Oct 2017

17 Oct 2017

Top French Diplomat in Guernsey


The Bailiwick’s ties with France will become ever more important after Brexit. That is according to the French Consul General in London who was speaking during a recent trip to Guernsey.

Sylvaine Carta-Le Vert was in the island after being invited to act as the guest of honour at a dinner celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of Le Cercle Francais in Guernsey.

The senior diplomat spoke with members of Le Cercle Francais, including the Patron, the Bailiff of Guernsey, Sir Richard Collas.

She told them our links are very important. Madame Carta-Le Vert says the current political climate shows just how vital Britain’s links with France are.


strategic meeting

6 Oct 2017

Summit with Normandy and La Manche


Representatives from Jersey and Guernsey attended the annual political summit between the Channel Islands, the department of La Manche and the region of Normandy on 6th October 2017. The Chief Minister of Jersey, Senator Ian Gorst, the Member of the Policy & Resources Committee (Guernsey) with responsibility for External Relations, Deputy Jonathan Le Tocq, and the Minister of Environment of Jersey, Deputy Steve Luce made an official visit to Caen. Guernsey and Jersey have a cooperation agreement with Normandy and La Manche to promote greater partnership working between the jurisdictions. Alderney and Sark are associate members of this agreement.

The delegation was welcomed to Caen by the President of the Normandy region, Hervé Morin, and the President of the departmental council of La Manche, Philippe Bas. They were joined by the Prefect of La Manche, Mr. Jean-Marc Sabathé, who represented the French State at the summit.

An update was provided on the various projects that have been carried out since the last summit in Jersey in 2016, including areas such tourism; cultural initiatives; educational links; and digital opportunities.

A number of joint artistic initiatives took place around archeological sites which resulted in a travelling exhibition which visited Jersey in September 2016 and Caen in July 2017. Jersey and Guernsey were also invited by Normandy to join a European cultural network to work alongside six other European countries on matters relating to the Second World War. The objective of this network is to discuss how to communicate the ‘duty of remembrance’ to future generations.

To support the existing educational links with Normandy, the Channel Islands are implementing a partnership agreement for apprenticeships in culinary arts. The main objective of is to stimulate students’ international mobility, improve their proficiency in French, and enable them to discover other cultures and working techniques in the course of their studies.

Other subjects of common interest were discussed such as emergency planning, immigration issues and energy.

Alongside the agenda items relating to the cooperation agreement, Brexit and its implications for the Channels Islands were also discussed.


3 Oct 2017

Recteur's visit to Jersey


The Recteur of the Academy of Caen (highest Education Head in Normandy), Denis Rolland, visited Jersey on 3 October, accompanied by Marc Millet, Regional Councilor of Normandy and Chairman of the Training Committee, and Christine Le Bacheley, Vice-President of the Departmental Council of La Manche in charge of Education. The delegation was welcomed by Deputy Rod Bryans, Minister of Education of Jersey and Deputy Paul Le Pelley, Minister of Education of Guernsey.

The day began with a primary and secondary schools visit to better understand the Jersey school system. A working meeting was held in the afternoon, which enabled to present the Norman delegation the pilot project of a bilingual class in French in two primary schools in Jersey. It is in this context that it has been proposed and approved that two teachers from La Manche would come to Jersey in November to conduct workshops in French to the pupils of the pilot class, with their Jersey counterparts. An opportunity for these French teachers to also improve their language skills in English.

The discussions also made enabled to go though the numerous initiatives undertaken on both sides of the sea to promote the mobility of school children and the learning of another language.

A framework agreement is expected to emerge in 2018, listing the many possible initiatives and projects proposed to schools by the Rectorat and the Education ministries.

This first visit of the Recteur to the Channel Islands was considered very fruitful.


test 9

21 Jul 2017

Cyber security visit in Rennes 20 July


A Channel-islands delegation comprising the director of digital strategy of Jersey and the Head of Information Assurance at the States of Guernsey have been to Rennes on 20 July for a fact finding visit on cyber security.

Brittany being a leading region in the sector, various meetings were held thanks to BDI (Bretagne’s economic development agency). Channel Islands delegates were able to present the island’s digital strategies, learn more on the Cyber Excellence cluster and the ANSSI (French national body for Cyber defense aspects) and met a sample of starts ups, demonstrating the expertise in the region and dynamic in the development of this specific field.

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asian hornet

18 Jul 2017

Cooperation between the Jersey Ministry of Environment and the Normandy DRAAF


It was on 17 July that a new meeting was held between the Ministry of Environment of Jersey and the Regional Headquarter for Food, Agriculture and Forestry in Normandy (representing the Ministry in the region). Another meeting was held with the Environment department of the Departmental council of La Manche.

The discussions, established for many years, focused on the threat of the Asian hornet, established in Normandy, and having recently arrived in the Channel Islands.

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Rod Bryans visiting UniCaen 13 July

13 Jul 2017

Minister Bryans visiting the University of Caen


The Minister for Education of the Government of Jersey visited Caen University on 13 July ahead of a draft agreement between the Education Department and the University of Caen. An Education spokeswoman who spent a couple of weeks in Caen as part of a “summer French courses scheme” said “we’re hopeful the first students from Jersey could go there to study from September 2018”. In France students do not pay for their university tuition and Jersey students who attain the required grades at A Level would only need to pay an insurance and enrolment fee to undertake a course at the university”. The University of Caen is just a few miles away from Jersey and also offers English support classes and a concentrated one-year French language diploma course which students can take before going on to do a full degree at the university.



13 Jul 2017

Launch of the Art’Cheology exhibition


‘Art’chaeology’ is a creative archaeological residency project which explored links between artistic and archaeological research that has seen two artists from Normandy and Jersey spend time developing work in both jurisdictions. In July 2015, the four artists (Matt Falle, Karen Le Roy Harris, Amélie Delaunay and Fleur Helluin) spent 5 days as part of an active team on an archaeological site in Vieux La Romaine near Caen, where they interacted with archaeologists, were shown key findings and artefacts, and had access to sources of information in archives and libraries. Later that month, the artists completed their Jersey residency under the guidance of Jersey Heritage’s Curator of Archaeology, Olga Finch, as well as Dr Matt Pope and his team. The artists were given access to many of Jersey’s significant archaeological sites including Les Varines, La Hougue Bie, La Cotte and Neolithic dolmens.

The concept of the project was to explore and celebrate archaeology by introducing contemporary artists to archaeological sites, leading to a travelling exhibition of work in each territory. As well as the research element of the project, it also offered an opportunity for the artists to explore each other’s home and get to know one another and their respective practice.

Since summer 2015, the four artists have been producing pieces of work (at home) in response to the sites and the discoveries they made. An exciting mix of mediums has been presented at the ‘Art’Chaeology’ exhibition, which includes installation, print, ceramic work, painting, sketching and sculpture. This travelling exhibition started in Jersey in September 2016 and has been travelling to Caen for two weeks in July 2017.

The launch of the exhibition in Caen was hosted by Anne-Marie Cousin, Vice-President of the Regional Council of Normandy and Deputy Rod Bryans, Minister for Education at the Government of Jersey on 12 July 2017.

‘Art’chaeology’ was developed by Les Ateliers Intermédiaires and Jersey Arts Trust, with support of the Normandy Regional Council, the Institut Français and the States of Jersey. It also received support of the Calvados Department Council, Vieux la Romaine’s museum and archaeological sites, the Maison de la Normandie, and the experts and archaeological sites of Jersey Heritage.


7 Jul 2017

Channel islands delegation visiting UniCaen


Education department in Jersey and external relations department in Guernsey have arranged to take four teachers from secondary schools in Jersey and one officer from ER depat in Guernsey to Caen on 7 July to show them around the university. The purpose of the visit is to give the teachers real experience of the university, so they can confidently explain to their students in Jersey what it will be like to study there. This is part of the great partnership agreement that the Education department is about to finalise with the University of Caen. Not only Jersey students would benefit of a proficiency in French but it would also give them the opportunity to enroll into European Programmes and study across Europe and the world for one year as part of their curriculum. The fees of the university are also very attractive and UniCaen also provides cheap accommodation options within the campus.

The teachers also visited the ESAM (Ecole Supérieure d’Arts et Médias) with is a dedicated university to Arts. Registration are open to all students from across the globe and the ESAM have recently teamed up with UniCaen to provide a preparation one-year accelerated French course focused on Arts aiming to help students reaching a good level of French to pass the entry exam to ESAM. An opportunity that may be interesting for CI students willing to study arts.


French festival

7 Jul 2017

Le French festival 7-16 July in Jersey


Le French Festival used to take place 30 years ago. This year, Jersey and France decided to renew the concept of this event during a week of cultural activity celebrating Jersey’s links with France.

The new initiative is a collaboration between the Alliance Française de Jersey, the Maison de la Normandie et de la Manche, the French Consul and the Department of Economic Development, Tourism, Sport and Culture, each offering a range of different events in a week spanning Bastille Day from 7 to 16 July 2017.

Many activities are planned to please everyone, a pétanque tournament and a sailing race for the ones who love sport, film screening for children but also for the whole family with “La Grande Vadrouille” and Carmen Opera thanks to the cooperation with the Opera of Rennes, a historic tour of La Hougue Bie, and a guided tour on Victor Hugo, contemporary art exhibitions, a Norman market for food lovers, music tales and a great ceremony for Bastille Day on the 14th of July.

Tracy visiting Henri Brunet in Caen 1

3 Jul 2017

Education officer visiting Bilingual school in Caen


The Communication Officer of the Education Department, in charge of the development of educational links with France has visited the international section of a Primary School in Caen on 3 July 2017. The objective of the fact finding visit was to experience the French model and drag inspiration to develop a similar and adapted model to Jersey. The officer met with Rectorat officers (French Education Ministry in regions) as well as the English teacher and Headmaster of the primary school Henri Brunet. She could consult curriculum as well as school books and the digital system in place which allows teachers to communicate with parents. Special thanks to Henri Brunet school and the Rectorat of Normandy for arranging this very constructive visit.


26 Jun 2017

Emergency planning cooperation with La Manche


A senior officer in charge of Emmergency planning in the neighbouring department of La Manche (Normandy) visited Guernsey and Jersey 22-23 June, to meet his counterpart in the islands. The visit has served to strengthen the relationship between the Préfecture of La Manche and the Channel Islands. During his visit, the French officer met with representatives of the Police, Fire, Ambulance, Coastguard and Emergency Planning Services in both Islands and visited their operational bases. These meetings proved to be beneficial and enabled to discuss operational issues and capabilities, underlining the close cooperation between the jurisdictions.



12 Jun 2017

Summit with Ille et Vilaine


On 12 June, Guernsey and Jersey have signed a cooperation agreement with the department of Ille et Vilaine in Brittany to promote greater partnership working between the jurisdictions. This was the first annual summit in La Gouesnière (near Saint-Malo) gathering the three jurisdictions, as Jersey first signed a partnership with the French department in 2008. This year, Guernsey has joined the partnership for the first time and the three jurisdictions engaged to work collaboratively for the forthcoming three years on projects of mutual interest.

Deputy Jonathan Le Tocq, member of the Policy & Resources Committee with responsibility for External Relations, Senator Sir Philip Bailhache, Minister for External Relations of the Government of Jersey, and Jean-Luc Chenut, President of the Conseil Départemental of Ille-et-Vilaine, jointly chaired the summit where various subjects were discussed. These included educational links; youth mobility; sports exchanges; cultural initiatives; construction; and digital opportunities.

“It was both an honour for me and a significant step forward for us to sign the cooperation agreement along with Jersey and the authorities of Ille et Vilaine.” Jonathan Le tocq declared.

President of the Conseil Départemental of Ille-et-Vilaine, Jean-Luc Chenut said:

In a context where temptations to withdraw from society are asserting everywhere in Europe and in the world, it seems essential to me that the Department of Ille et Vilaine firmly reaffirms its commitment to the international cooperation”

As far as the Government of Jersey and the States of Guernsey are concerned, this desire for openness is also part of a close relationship, integrating the maritime and coastal specificities of our territories.


With the Mayor

9 Jun 2017

Cultural cooperation between Brittany and the Channel Islands: Opera of Rennes, Carmen!


On 8 June, around 9000 people attended Rennes ’outdoor opera “Carmen” in front of the Opera House, on the famous “Place de la Mairie” in the city centre; and 7000 others scattered around the city in front of the 27 screens set up for the occasion.

Every two years, Rennes Opera broadcasts a live performance from the stage of its Opera House to screens throughout Brittany. Jersey has been a partner of the event for the past three editions, and Bizet’s Carmen will be screened in Jersey and Guernsey respectively on 8 July and 28 September.

Deputy Jonathan Le Tocq, foreign affairs’ Minister of Guernsey and Deputy Murray Norton, assistant Minister in charge of culture in Jersey, were honoured to attend the evening in Rennes and see the momentum of the public.

This project led by Rennes and Rennes Metropole has been developed with Guernsey and Jersey thanks to the cooperation developed between Jersey and the department of Ille et Vilaine since 2008 and to which Guernsey joined this year.



8 Jun 2017

Base Erosion and Profit shifting Multilateral Convention, OECD Treaty


4 Jun 2017

Celebrations in Guernsey of the departure of the British Infantry to Cambrai WW1


On the 4th of June, Guernsey celebrated the hundredth anniversary of the departure of the island’s soldiers of the British Infantry to Cambrai during the first world war. Philippe Bas, former Minister, Senator of La Manche and President of La Manche County Council was present to represent France during this very emotional celebration. Here is an extract from his speech:

“It is a great honour for me to come to Guernsey – which has always been dear to the Norman soul, and will always remain so – to be by your side today and commemorate with you the centenary of the departure of the Royal Guernsey Light Infantry, commanded by Lieutenant-Colonel Henry de la Condamine, for the battlefields of Northern France.

As President of the Department of La Manche and a member of the French Senate, I am your closest neighbour in Normandy, and I feel deeply moved today as I express the gratitude of the French nation to the people of the island of Guernsey. […]

The sons of Guernsey stood against a determined German counter attack during the war and suffered very heavy losses. Almost every family in Guernsey mourned the loss of a dear one. […]

The purpose of these commemorations, as we enact them today, is to continue the fight to ensure that these tragic events shall never be forgotten, and their importance never undervalued. […]

Our devotion to their memory and our ability to pass it on to future generations not only marks our respect for those who sacrificed their lives but, in particular, testifies to our staunch determination to believe in humanity.” Philippe Bas




4 Apr 2017

Great example of cooperation with France in terms of Search & Rescue


Exercise ‘Resilient Islands’ is a large scale multi-agency exercise which incorporates the MOD UK Bi-annual Ops Defence Regional Resilience Exercise (CAST).

The overarching scenario is based around an at sea collision between a cruise ship and a passenger ferry in Jersey Territorial Waters. This resulted in both vessels being disabled and subsequently a fire starting on board the ferry.

It also involves initiating military assistance in terms of maritime resilience capabilities and repatriation of passengers and UK Government support from the Resilience Emergencies Division (RED) of the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) and activation of the Emergencies Council. The exercise took place in Jersey between the 6th & 10th March 2017.

It is in this context that the Préfecture Maritime de la Manche et de la mer du Nord (PREMAR) participated the exercise by providing their helicopter to help making this exercise a success. This comes to reinforce the close cooperation between French and Jersey sea Rescue services.

In addition to that, thanks to the cooperation between PREMAR’s helicopter and Jersey rescue services, a Jersey woman’s life was saved from falling in Grosnez’s cliffs on 3rd April.


Peace forum

24 Mar 2017

Peace forum


At the invitation of Hervé Morin, President of Normandy, Sir Philip Bailhache and Jonathan LeTocq attended the first prefiguration forum dedicated to Peace. The objective was to gather as many ideas as possible to be able to organize a true Peace Forum in 2018.

With the D-Day Landing Beaches and the Caen Memorial, Normandy is home to iconic locations that regularly host Heads of State and of Government from around the world to commemorate the liberation of Europe and the return to peace.

While Normandy is working to promote peace through its decentralised cooperation efforts, it can also act as the key region for discussing the peace situation around the world in the same way that Davos is the site of debates on economic issues.

It has therefore been suggested that a World Peace Forum should be held every year in Caen in parallel with the D-Day Landing commemorations.

The Channel islands Ministers were pleased to provide Normandy with the support of Guernsey and Jersey to this initiative for Peace.


logo 2

22 Mar 2017


On 22 March, BIAN attended Seanergy in le Havre on behalf of CIMREG (Channel Islands Marine Renewable Energy Group). The objective was to meet French companies and institutions (primarily Normandy) in order to identify ways to work with Normandy on this particular topic. Some action points have been identified and are currently being discussed.


Pic Soyhuce Hackathon Guernsey 18 March 2017

18 Mar 2017

Soyhuce, a start up from Normandy attended Guernsey Hackathon


On Saturday March 18th Guernsey has welcomed teams and individuals including Soyhuce, a company from Normandy to the Digital Greenhouse to take part in a one day Ideas Hackathon. The workshop posed the challenge; “How can technology promote the Island to visiting cruise liner passengers?”

This day-long event saw teams participate to explore a defined challenge. Rather than a traditional hackathon, in which teams develop code/solutions, this workshop uses HPES tools and business modeling to take you through the stages of idea creation, collaboration and generation of mock-ups of your digital concepts. Therefore, this workshop is a valuable exercise for those interested in how we solve big problems, how technology can drive change and those who wish to learn ways to take an idea from a concept to business model.

In 2016 Guernsey welcomed over 130,000 visitors from cruise liners. This challenge is to take innovative thinking and digital technology to find solutions that promote Guernsey to these visitors, for the benefit of our Island’s economy. You will be asked to consider the benefits for both visitors and local businesses/suppliers/stakeholders in your solution, as well as propose a business model that can support the project.

It was the first time that Guernsey Digital Greenhouse hosts a French company in their event and wishes to attract even more in the future. This reflects the good cooperation between Guernsey and Normandy digital sectors.



Pic EESAB Higher Education Fair Jersey 9 March

9 Mar 2017

New opportunities to study in France


With the objective to offer an alternative option to UK universities for Jersey students to become bilingual by studying in France post A-Level, the University of Caen attended the Higher Education Fair in Jersey on 9 March. They presented all types of studies that the University can offer from business to languages, arts and medicine but the University particularly excels in History.

We also had the pleasure to welcome the EESAB (Ecole Européenne Supérieure d’Arts de Bretagne) from Rennes on board the fair for the first time this year. They presented their broad spectrum of arts studies available to all students from Europe and elsewhere in the world.



27 Feb 2017

Agricultural Show in Paris, a successful partnership with La Manche


Since 2014, Jersey has been working in partnership with the Departmental Council of La Manche to share La Manche stand at the Agricultural Show in Paris (SIA).

The objective of Jersey presence is to promote Jersey’s agricultural industry and products at a key event in France’s agricultural calendar that welcomes around 700,000 visitors/year as well as to endorse the island as a holiday destination. The event is an opportunity to build up contacts and tourists database and to demonstrate the Island’s close links with Normandy and providing a platform for further mutually beneficial engagement.

This year, we were concentrating on the Big 4 – Jersey Lobster, Jersey Oyster, Jersey Royals and Jersey Dairy – a special Genuine Jersey brochure in French focusses on these and was issued and distributed on the stand as well as a “win a holiday” competition put together by Visit Jersey.

This successful experience allows the island to promote itself in France at so many levels thanks to the opportunity provided by the Department of La Manche.



24 Jan 2017

Opportunities to study in Caen


A team from the University of Caen will come to Jersey on 9 February to present to the parents and pupils of high school the possibility of high studies in Caen, an alternative to the British universities and a door open on France. An initiative strongly supported by the Minister of Education of Jersey. More information here.


8 Nov 2016

Apprenticeship visit


A Channel delegation delegation came to Caen on 8 November to meet with the management and teachers of the ICEP CFA. After a visit of the site to better understand the disciplines taught, discussions were held on the possible ways of cooperation in the apprenticeship, with a focus on the catering. A visit deemed very interesting, facilitated by the Chamber of Commerce of Caen, and in the presence of the Normandy Region, which should lead to a concrete exchange project in 2018.

Guernsey's Bailiff and other island officials