Pic Soyhuce Hackathon Guernsey 18 March 2017

18 Mar 2017

Soyhuce, a start up from Normandy attended Guernsey Hackathon


On Saturday March 18th Guernsey has welcomed teams and individuals including Soyhuce, a company from Normandy to the Digital Greenhouse to take part in a one day Ideas Hackathon. The workshop posed the challenge; “How can technology promote the Island to visiting cruise liner passengers?”

This day-long event saw teams participate to explore a defined challenge. Rather than a traditional hackathon, in which teams develop code/solutions, this workshop uses HPES tools and business modeling to take you through the stages of idea creation, collaboration and generation of mock-ups of your digital concepts. Therefore, this workshop is a valuable exercise for those interested in how we solve big problems, how technology can drive change and those who wish to learn ways to take an idea from a concept to business model.

In 2016 Guernsey welcomed over 130,000 visitors from cruise liners. This challenge is to take innovative thinking and digital technology to find solutions that promote Guernsey to these visitors, for the benefit of our Island’s economy. You will be asked to consider the benefits for both visitors and local businesses/suppliers/stakeholders in your solution, as well as propose a business model that can support the project.

It was the first time that Guernsey Digital Greenhouse hosts a French company in their event and wishes to attract even more in the future. This reflects the good cooperation between Guernsey and Normandy digital sectors.



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