With the Mayor

09 Jun 2017

Cultural cooperation between Brittany and the Channel Islands: Opera of Rennes, Carmen!


On 8 June, around 9000 people attended Rennes ’outdoor opera “Carmen” in front of the Opera House, on the famous “Place de la Mairie” in the city centre; and 7000 others scattered around the city in front of the 27 screens set up for the occasion.

Every two years, Rennes Opera broadcasts a live performance from the stage of its Opera House to screens throughout Brittany. Jersey has been a partner of the event for the past three editions, and Bizet’s Carmen will be screened in Jersey and Guernsey respectively on 8 July and 28 September.

Deputy Jonathan Le Tocq, foreign affairs’ Minister of Guernsey and Deputy Murray Norton, assistant Minister in charge of culture in Jersey, were honoured to attend the evening in Rennes and see the momentum of the public.

This project led by Rennes and Rennes Metropole has been developed with Guernsey and Jersey thanks to the cooperation developed between Jersey and the department of Ille et Vilaine since 2008 and to which Guernsey joined this year.


Guernsey's Bailiff and other island officials