Rod Bryans visiting UniCaen 13 July

13 Jul 2017

Minister Bryans visiting the University of Caen


The Minister for Education of the Government of Jersey visited Caen University on 13 July ahead of a draft agreement between the Education Department and the University of Caen. An Education spokeswoman who spent a couple of weeks in Caen as part of a “summer French courses scheme” said “we’re hopeful the first students from Jersey could go there to study from September 2018”. In France students do not pay for their university tuition and Jersey students who attain the required grades at A Level would only need to pay an insurance and enrolment fee to undertake a course at the university”. The University of Caen is just a few miles away from Jersey and also offers English support classes and a concentrated one-year French language diploma course which students can take before going on to do a full degree at the university.


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