CROSS Jobourg

19 Apr 2018

Emergency planning officers visiting La Manche sites


A small contingency from Jersey and Guernsey visited Cherbourg and the surrounding areas as guests of the French Authorities. This follows the visit of the French counterpart in the Channel Islands in June 2017.

 Emergency planning exchanges with France are a key element in helping to protect the welfare of the Channel Islands.

The trip represented an opportunity to visit a number of the local emergency services with the intention of improving the current collaborative workings, and develop better exchanges with our French counterparts to prepare for any future incidents that could potentially impact the Channel Islands.

 It was also an opportunity for Emergency Planning Officers from both Islands to sign their existing Memoranda Of Understanding (MOU’s) with Chief of Staff of the Prefet of La Manche, and to improve and update local contingency plans.

Guernsey's Bailiff and other island officials