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05 Jul 2019

UniCaen Open Day


On 5th July 2019, two teachers from the Guernsey Grammar School Sixth Form Centre attended the open day at the University of Caen, following the agreement which was signed by Deputy Jonathan Le Tocq in March supporting the admission of Guernsey students to the Norman university to embark on their higher education.

Newly appointed Head of Careers, Miss Charlee Hales, and coordinator of the school’s annual trip to Caen, Mr Guilhem Chene, attended a meeting with representatives of the university’s language department to catch up on the various training offers to students to improve their level of French, and to implement plans to attract Channel Islands’ students to study in Caen. They also attended a forum which introduced them to the additional services that UniCaen has to offer.

Overall, the day was very positive, and it is hoped that more Guernsey students will take steps to study in Normandy in the years to come.

Guernsey's Bailiff and other island officials