05 Jun 2015

First annual summit with La Manche and Lower Normandy


Lower Normandy, La Manche, Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney and Sark held the inaugural annual Summit on the 5th June 2015 at Mont Saint Michel, in the presence of the French State‘s representative, the Préfète of La Manche.

Less than six months after the signing in Cherbourg of the Cooperation Agreement on 22 January 2015 between the regional council of Lower Normandy, the county council of La Manche, the Government of Jersey and the States of Guernsey, the four territories met at the first annual Summit to explore opportunities for mutually beneficial cooperation. Associate Members Alderney and Sark were also represented.

Laurent Beauvais, President of the regional council of Lower Normandy, Philippe Bas, President of the county council of La Manche, Senator Ian Gorst, Chief Minister of Jersey, Deputy Jonathan Le Tocq, Chief Minister of Guernsey, Neil Harvey, Chairman of the Alderney’s Policy and Finance Committee, Conseiller Charles Maitland, Chairman of Sark’s Policy and Performance Committee, and Daniele Polvé-Montmasson, Préfète of La Manche were present at this inaugural event.

The annual Summit sealed the friendship that exists between the partner jurisdictions and offered an opportunity to work together on matters of mutual interest in areas such as the economy, culture and the environment.

Among the subjects discussed were the Tour De France 2016, which will begin in La Manche, emergency planning and cooperation between digital promotion agencies. Marine renewable energy was also discussed in the context of the 21st United Nations Climate Change Conference that will be held in Paris in December 2015.

The merger of Lower and Upper Normandy was also discussed by President Laurent Beauvais.

The Préfète of La Manche concluded the annual Summit, which was hosted at the historic Mont Saint Michel. More than 75 elected officials and officers from the four jurisdictions took part. Jersey will welcome the second annual Summit in 2016.

This Communiqué is drafted in French and English, both versions having equal value

Guernsey's Bailiff and other island officials